Preserve this Sacred Space of Serenity

Nature is calling ... how will you answer?

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Nature is calling ... how will you answer?

Help CITW Remain a Sanctuary of Silence, Connection, & Healing

In their own words, Retreatants experienced …

A sense of God's presence in me and all of creation

Much healing, much grace, clarity

Natural beauty, quiet, and solitude. The time and space to be in the moment and in tune with something greater than myself.

My time at CITW influences my daily life …

I remember the importance of balance between action and rest, and I am increasingly motivated to achieve that balance.

I have a little piece of serenity in my heart.

It helps me to be more aware of the most important things even in daily life … Retreats for me are sort of like maintenance and an oil change for a car.

Ways to GIVE

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THANK YOU for generously supporting this special place of serenity and life-enhancing retreats

Cardinal photo by Dan Pollack