Give the Gift of Safe Solitude

Join the "Journey of Solitude" (Recurring Giving Program)

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Join the "Journey of Solitude" (Recurring Giving Program)

Help CITW Remain a Sanctuary of Silence, Connection, & Healing

Retreatants came to CITW to …

Experience the balm of nature (breezes, birds, meadows, trees, clouds and the moon).

Disconnect with the busyness of the world and reconnect with myself and my relationship with God.

Rebalance, refresh, renew, get in touch with the deeper parts of myself.

What retreatants loved about CITW …

Getting back to my natural body rhythms; sleep, eat, exercise, pray. Absolutely beautiful grounds, trails. Ditching the electronics and phone - oh what a blessing! Quiet.

I always go to CITW with an attitude of knowing the experience will help me get more in touch with myself and my God. Seeing such a natural setting far away from chaos and knowing this is how nature really is without a destructive footprint made by mankind, is a rarity in this present day world and so appreciated!

I loved the quiet and the opportunity to spend time in nature. It allowed me to quiet my mind and connect with God.

Fresh air, quiet reflection, sense of coming home